Horn Point Oyster Hatchery Web Design, Database Design and Management System

While working with the Horn Point Oyster Hatchery I designed their website and created a MySQL database with all the accompanying data forms, interfaces, and analysis tools to handle their expanding data needs.

Some of things associated with this project:

  • A custom database now holding over 2.5 million records
  • automated population of data from data loggers to MySQL via Campbell Scientific LNDB software
  • real-time displays to track detailed information about oyster movement throughout the many hatchery systems
  • tools and double checks for maintaining data integrity
  • interfaces for performing many common queries as well as the ability to create highly advanced custom data queries
  • an updated website and Content Management System which utilizes the same MySQL database and is built on a customized WordPress installation
  • flexibility, so that the database has the ability to grow to meet future needs
  • a secure login system as well as security levels within the database to restrict which users have access to certain information
  • on the fly chart generation of real time data via PHP, XML, and amCharts

Some Screenshots from the Web Interfaces I Created